An afterthought. . . . . .

I’m sorry for tacking this on, but we have a friend in Madison right now. I don’t play politics in another nation, but big ups to everyone defending their right to bargain. Apologies if your views are different, but the oil companies would rape us even worse if we couldn’t bargain in my industry, so I can understand their conviction.


~ by stew37 on March 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “An afterthought. . . . . .”

  1. I am growing increasingly tired of civil-servants whining about their jobs. They knew, from the day they chose their major in college, what they could expect in their chosen career as far as wage and working conditions.

    • True Jay, and when they chose their professions, they knew they would have collective bargaining rights. That’s what the Gov. is trying to take away from them. They’ve already agreed to take the pay cut.

  2. Perhaps instead of collective bargaining, teachers should be paid based on individual performance. After all, the American education syatem is in a freefall in comparison to other ‘developing’ countries. This method of evaluation would create many more government jobs, which should make the White House happy.Win-win.

    • Ah well, agree to disagree. I think the problems with the American educational system go much deeper than unions, including decreased overall funding and idiotic programs like No Child Left Behind, not to mention a general devaluing of education. I really can’t understand any financial impetus for taking away collective bargaining rights. And when bankers and brokers are getting million dollar bonuses after completely destroying the world economy (after all it *was* in their contract – eyeroll), I have a problem with people saying teachers are being greedy. Talk about not being paid for your performance, just look at Wall Street.

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