In (Dis)Honour of the Emmys…

I know this is a film blog, but I am just a watcher of all media, and so would like to address the Emmys briefly. I used to adore award shows. I used to eagerly anticipate The Oscars and The Emmys, guessing who I thought would win and ignoring the phone for 3 hours with a bag of peanut butter cups. It was never the fashion for me, it was the films or the programs; I know this because my favourite part of every awards show has been the clips we would see, spliced together to convince us is 30 seconds of the piece’s or person’s quality. I think that’s why my interest in awards shows went down around the same time I came to a startling realization: the people I thought should win almost never did, and were often not even nominated.

The Emmys is the worst awards show offender (of the viewing variety; the Grammys are just an absurd popularity contest). When Buffy the Vampire Slayer never won, and was nominated only once, I could rationalize that it was too weird, too supernatural, too genre for the stuffy old academy. Bunch of old coots sitting around playing crib, wishing Matlock was still on the air. Harrumph. (My apologies, but Buffy was just too damn good for its time.) When Deadwood won nothing, when Ian fucking McShane was nominated only once, I blamed the violence and the sex, the artful cursing and the ugly world. But The Wire was never nominated for a single Emmy. The Wire. Nay nay, Emmys. You’re out of excuses. And keep in mind, these shows were not ignored because of steep competition. How many best drama nods did Boston Legal get during this same time? For shame.

On a more positive note, I have recently discovered that I was wrong about yet another thing as a child. I guess I was too young for The Kids in the Hall when it first aired. I would have been 7 or 8 when it started – most of the humour is so adult it just went right over my head. Ok ok, I’m just trying to justify at this point, because we have been rewatching all the old episodes, and they are brilliant. Sheer genius. Among the best sketch shows I’ve ever seen, with wit abound. I caught this skit a few nights ago, and it perfectly summed up how I now feel about award shows:

So RIP, K and the award show! We had a good run, and I enjoyed myself. But your roots are starting to show, and your back hair’s growing back in. I think the affair is over.


~ by K. Harker on September 18, 2011.

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