Film-addiction 101: Introduction to this blog

“We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.” – Sherri Ann Cabot, Best In Show

Last night, as my hostage and I were watching Best in Show, I was reminded of why I wanted to start this blog: I freaking love movies. Ok, I know, most people dig a flick. But I *love* movies. And filmmaking. And directors and writers and actors and the key grip… Moreover, I appreciate the vastly different methods filmmakers use to convey their story, which brings me back to Christopher Guest. Can you ever mistake a Christopher Guest film for anyone else’s? He has basically shaped the way we conceive of the mockumentary, the highlight of which, for me, is the hilarious and wildly improvised dialogue. It’s hard for me to imagine Jennifer Coolidge came up with the aforementioned line off the top of her head (does anyone know how much of the dialogue is improvised, or whether that particular line was off the cuff?). Obviously, this is a technique few directors could successfully employ (who knows how many would even want to attempt it), and the result is pure cinematic joy for me. It doesn’t hurt that Hubert was about the most adorable puppy ever.

Unfortunately for this cinephile, we live in a city that is not large enough to support a niche movie viewing audience. Mostly, we get the Blockbuster selection, with one small store specializing in documentaries. Even if I were so bold as to download any movies (illegal!), there are limits to what can be found. Anything foreign, unless it has made a recent splash in the North American market, is out of reach for us, as are most classics (not to mention the dreaded foreign classic). Until online DVD rental.

We chose to join Zip, and have since had access to almost any title we can imagine. Looking for the German existentialist flick from the 40s? Chances are, it’s there. So is that TV movie from the 80s that terrified you as a child. With such selection, we’ve abandoned discretion by the wayside. And as a result, we’ve seen far too much fantastic, absurd, confusing, compelling, and disgusting work for me to keep it to myself. So I have decided to record my cinematic trek for anyone else likewise fascinated by film of all kinds.

I’m not a film snob. But while I watch a lot of mainstream movies, I likely won’t post about those on this site. There are already too many people online providing their opinion of Due Date or Saw 3D.

I will leave it up to my hostage to introduce himself; really, who could do a better job? Now I’m off to watch something so I’ll have a place to start! Enjoy your own movie watching tonight. What’s in your DVD player?


~ by K. Harker on November 11, 2010.

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